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NXT NüFit™ Wheelchair Cushion

NXT NüFit™ Wheelchair Cushion

The NXT NüFit™ cushion is a multilayer contoured cushion designed for users who need a comfortable cushion with good positioning and are at low to medium risk of skin breakdown.



  • smartx3D Antimicrobial polyester 4 way stretch cover for comfort and low temperatures.

  • Radius cut rear for sacral support.

  • Pre-ischial support prevents sliding while
    providing pelvic support.

  • Moderate abductor/adductor contour for mid-line positioning of the femurs.

  • Beveled front edge for foot propellers or users
    who want to sit with a tight front frame angle or
    who have tight hamstrings.

  • Textured non-skid bottom with loop Velcro®
    and carry strap.

  • Waterproof Zipper


  • Foam Cushion
  • Inner Cover
  • Outer Cover
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